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YES…. I was a VICTIM of abuse, yet I had the perfect childhood growing up….

How could that be possible?

I had a loving family, beautiful friends….

But still, I ended up with an abusive husband.

What I did NOT HAVE was self worth

I didn’t think I was worthy of having the kind of partner that I deserved.

I settled.

I settled for the first guy who showed me any attention

That guy ended up being abusive.

This is what I settle for…..

* Being treated like a door mat.

* Being accused of doing things that I never did.

* If a light was left on in the house, when I got home he would unplug all the lights and lock them in a closet and I would have to sit in the dark until the next day.

* I was sent back to the grocery store, like a child, if I purchased something that he didn’t have on the list, to return it.

* If he didn’t like the food I made, he would throw it across the kitchen and then order me to clean it up.

* I settled for being locked in the basement until he felt like unlocking the door.

I settled

I settled for a life where I gave up my heart and sole

I settled for a life that I allowed someone to treat me like trash

I settled for letting my spirit, joy and laughter get buried deep down

You might be reading this and think, yep, I have been treated like a door mat or like trash and I allowed it.

You might be saying, why didn’t I leave or why am I still here?

You might feel weak or defeated so it is just easier to stay and try to deal with it all.

You might feel like you don’t deserve anything or anyone better.

It is all NOT TRUE

You are worthy simply because you were born on this planet.

Your self worth was always there

Your spirit, joy and laughter are not gone

1. Removing the threat or danger is the first thing you NEED to do

2. Creating “disconfirming experiences" is how you start to heal

3. Surrounding yourself with safe relationships is how you make it last.

Start living your life on purpose.

I can help.

I have a Triumph Over Trauma coaching solution just for you where you WILL see results in 6 months or less.

If you could solve a problem that you have had for more than half of your life, within 6 months, would you do it?

Message Me if you want to really start living and stop just coping with your current life situation.


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