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Karen Messina

* Life and Survivors Coach
* Founder of the Living Free From Fear Global Movement
I know what you are going through, because I have been in your shoes.

I coach women and men who are survivors.  I help them feel worthy of living the life they deserve by helping them heal their past emotional trauma, find safety in their life and find purpose.

Do you feel like you are your worst enemy and struggling with self-sabotage?


We discover the root cause, start to heal it and move forward.

Find safe environments, safe relationships and find purpose in your life

I love working with women and men like you, who are experiencing many of the same issues that I am so familiar with.  I am your success story, now let's make your story a success as well.

I am a survivor of domestic abuse and can totally understand how you feel.


My story is simple and complicated at the same time. I made it passed some very stressful situations in my life. Now my passion is to help you overcome it all as well.


I can help you become a better version of yourself and move passed the negative thoughts that are holding you back from succeeding and finding joy in your life.

This is how I work with clients:

We will meet for a quick mini session, which is free.

Then you decide if you would like to work with me.

Coaching sessions can happen over the phone or via Skype/FaceTime/Zoom

​All you need to do is email me, call me or message me to get started.

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Contact Me for your Confidential Consult session

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