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5 Day Challenge - How to ask for what you want.....

Who wants in??

Not asking feels terrible, and thinking of asking feels terrible. So you are stuck in this terrible no-win situation.

We are going to bust past this feeling and work on becoming confident in what you want.

Day 1

Let’s Identify opportunities to speak up! Have you gotten in the habit of ignoring your own needs? Now it is time to make yourself a priority and start asking.

Day 2

Identify one relationship you'd like to improve by asking for what you want. Does it seem like if you ask, you will ruin your relationship? Well guess what, the opposite is actually true. So who it is? Your partner? Your boss? Your family?

Day 3

How to ask for what you want. Let's talk about strategies.

Day 4

Practice different ways of asking. What feels doable/comfortable?

Day 5

Improving your work/life balance with your voice.

We will be starting April 22nd. Each day I will get on a Live Video within my private group, so join here to participate:

You can ask questions or just listen in.

I can't wait to meet you all!


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