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As a Survivor, do you sometimes feel paranoid?

I went to the Googles for this description: "Paranoia is thinking and feeling like you are being threatened in some way, even if there is no evidence, or very little evidence, that you are"

Sometimes we feel like the people around us are judging us. Our past keeps us in survival mode which means we are constantly in protection response. When we are feeling threatened, we might lash out or retreat and hide away.

Worse yet, we may change our normal behavior to accommodate those who we feel are a threat.

Sound familiar?

Our nervous system has become INFLEXIBLE over all of the years that we have had to deal with emotional trauma, toxic relationships, unhealthy coping skills, etc.

Now is the time to start getting your nervous system FLEXIBLE again.

How do I do that Karen? you might ask.......

You start with surrounding yourself with safe relationships. People that will not judge you, people that will believe in you and your goals. Your ideas won't be shot down and your past won't be in play when others are interacting with you.

Then you will need to be a safe environment which means you are in control of your outcomes. You have set healthy boundaries around your life and your goals are really YOUR goals, not the goals of anyone in your circles. (not the unlived goals of your family)

Finally, you need to find and live your PURPOSE in life. The thing that lights you up, makes you want to get out of bed each day and that brings YOU joy.

Reach out to me if you want to learn more.


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