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First, we need to remember that all emotions are caused by thoughts in our heads.

1) Figure out and describe what you are feeling (actual feeling in your body, like stomach upset or sweating or heart racing). You need to shift from “creating” the emotion to “watching” the emotion. So, you go from having the effect of the emotion within your body to witnessing the emotion or watching it or becoming aware of it. (I’m feeling anxious because I have a lot to do today).

2) Give it a name (anxiety, sadness, frustration….) Take your power back by naming it. Realize what it is so that you can own it and it can’t own you.

3) Find the sentence in your mind that is causing the emotion. (I have a lot to get done today which is making me feel anxious).

4) Now you can change the sentence in your mind. (I have a lot to do today, but I am probably going to get it done, or at least most of it, since I have a plan for the day). Deliberately shift to a new thought.

Practice the new emotion over and over and you will see that very quickly you can take control of your anxiety, understand the cause and be in control of your thoughts, feelings and actions. This process takes a little time, so give yourself a break and realize that if you put the work in to change and shift your thought process, you can take back your power.


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