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Getting Past your Past……

Your past, what does this mean? Your past is what shaped you, taught you and brought you to this very place right now. Your past absolutely had to happen in order for you to be who you are, good or bad. Some people can’t grasp how that is a good thing, but trust me, you will see that without your past, you wouldn’t have gotten to this point in your life.

Let’s say you had a perfect past, daisies and butterflies all the time. You never felt pain or discomfort and life was a dream. Although this may seem ideal, it would not have taught you anything. You must learn to feel pain in order to grow as a human. You must know how to feel it, accept it and move past it so that you can become a stronger person in the face of adversity.

What if your past was horrible and painful? Your life was sad and scary with no sign of happiness. Does this make you a better or worse person than the person who had the perfect past?

These are questions only you can answer. You have the power to change anything you want or don’t want to happen in your life. Just remember, as my Master Coach Instructor, Brooke Castillo says, “Your past is over. The only way your past exists at all is in your thought about it now. Otherwise, it doesn't affect you in any way. Your thought right now about your past does affect you.” And what she means is that if you keep recycling your past thoughts, you will end up in a spin cycle of negativity. Past thoughts cause past results, over and over, if you let them. Your past is your story about your life and the past is over, but your thoughts about your past are what lives on.

Remember, each person’s experience about how their life played out is different than the next. If you have any siblings, you can talk to your brother or sister about things that happened in the past, and they may be like, “what are you talking about? That never happened. That wasn't my experience of it.” Each person’s experience is based on how they perceived the event. You, however, may be recycling your negative thoughts from the past and putting a negative spin on an event that someone else may not have found as bothersome. Another person may see it differently because they could be looking at the same exact experience in a positive way, pulling out only the things that made them feel good about it.

If you want to learn more about this concept, check out my web page and sign up for the free mini session. We can chat about how I can help you.


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