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Hello my friends! I know that moving past your current, unhappy situation seems like an impossible task. You have talked to people, taken advice, soul searched and still you feel like there is no way that anything good can come from your current life situation, am I right?

Sometimes you feel like you are all alone in the world, suffering from a problem that is unsolvable, in your opinion, correct?

First of all, I can help you. Second of all, YOU have the power to change anything in your life, but just can’t see it right now. Lastly, we can do it together!

Before you commit to linking up with me to start your recovery process, let me win you over with what I do know. I know that our past has happened and is relevant but that it does not define you. I know that the pain is real and drives many of your actions. I know that if feels horrible and is depressing. I know that our results and outcomes are driven by what we think, but that we can change the way we think about things to improve our current situation. I also know all of this because I HAVE BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT.

My life has spiraled out of control on more than one occasion. I have had life changing, devastating incidences that most people would have given up on and felt completely defeated about. I have been used, abused, cheated on, betrayed and let down more times than I care to share, but I do share that information if I think it can help someone else. The most important thing to know is that I have overcome negativity and turned it into positavity.

The secret really is in changing the way you think about things. You also have to separate the facts from your feelings, which is no easy task. Let’s start with your negative circumstance. Whatever it is, it is a circumstance, which is a fact. There can be no emotion tied to a circumstance. Let’s say, for example, you can’t find the job you want and therefore you are unhappy and don’t have enough money to pay your bills. You are then feeling really bad about yourself and are not looking for jobs that may suit you better since your self-esteem is so low resulting in you not finding a job.

The Circumstance is A JOB.

What are you thinking about the “job”? Well, you are thinking that you can’t find one and there isn’t anything out there for you and that you are not able to pay your bills and save money.

How does that make you feel? I’m sure you feel bad about yourself and that you now have low self-esteem. You feel defeated and incapable of reaching your goals. You feel sad, mad and resentful of all those people who seem to find everything easily.

What are your actions then? You may be acting like you are not worthy of the job you want, which will result in job hunting for jobs you don’t really want. You may not “show up” well at interviews, meaning that you don’t look or act confident enough. There are many negative actions that can occur while you are feeling this way that you may not even realize.

What is your result? The result is no job, no job offers or no job that you really want or that pays as much as you would like or need.

Sound familiar? You can put your circumstance into this model and see what can happen. So now what do we do to fix this? The circumstance does not change, of course. How you think about it is within your power. Let’s think about this circumstance differently and turn your past, old thoughts into new, forward focused thoughts.

New Thought: You CAN find a job and there are many jobs out there for you and you will be able to pay your bills and save money.

New Feeling: You feel empowered and energized. You feel more confident and able to fulfill any job you go after.

New Action: You sign up for several employment agencies. You seek out Networking Events. You expand your search on the internet to encompass more than just a narrow career path. You research online trainings to brush up on skills.

New Result: More job opportunities start coming your way. You have more skills to offer and you look much more confident going into interviews and so much more…….

Sounds easier said than done and trust me, change does not happen overnight. Our brains are really good at remembering. That is your brain’s job, to remember. But the bad thing is that it remembers your past because you keep thinking about your past and re-purposing it in your current life. You want your brain to think a new thought and get good at remembering that. It takes practice like everything else. It takes time as well, so that is where I come in. You may or may not be able to do it alone but having a coach to help you stay on track and practice thinking new thoughts is very important for success.

We all invest time and money in so many things. When have you invested time and money on your mental health? Think about it. You can sign up for my free mini session to get started now.


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