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The Living Free From Fear Movement

OK everyone, hold onto your hats, I am over the moon excited because.....

I have started a GLOBAL Movement, along with 10 other amazing women who said "I'm in" without question when I asked them if they wanted to join.

We are ALL sooooo excited.

Here it is!!!! The Living Free From Fear Movement “ending the fear of domestic abuse with empowered voices”

This is going to be HUGE Ladies and Gents!!

Our Vision is to be a collaborative international movement of professional women giving women survivors of domestic abuse their power and control back.

Our Mission is to empower women with our stories and knowledge around domestic abuse. In addition, we want to help them identify unhealthy relationships and take appropriate actions to escape the physical and/or emotional trauma they have experienced over time. Finally, we want to show them that there is no stigma around being a survivor of domestic abuse through our courage.

Our Objective and long term goal is to end the fear and stigma of abusive relationships that include but are not limited to physical, emotional and sexual abuse and coercive control by showing women that they are strong and have a voice and a choice in their future. Our insight, experiences and courage to speak out, will offer alternative options and choices toward healthier future relationships.

This is it, I am officially announcing this Movement...... your part is easy, share, share, share and watch for more to come from us.

I would LOVE for you to be part of this life changing movement.

Hugs, Karen


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