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The Living Free From Fear Movement

I couldn’t be more proud to be working with 9 other incredible women on making the issue of Domestic Abuse - the fear, the stigma, the complete cycle..a global talking point. I am the Founder of The Living Free From Fear Movement along with my new UK representatives and Co-founders, the fantastic Lucy Whittaker and amazing Natalie Queiroz. We also have members across the globe as far as Australia - with the inspiring Azelene Williams, who I have to thank for being the first woman I reached out to and who immediately wanted to be a part of this.❤️. The most incredible Wadzy Mutema joins us from South Africa and has been so inspirational to us all. Joining us from the United States is Alexis Taylor, Theresa Schmidtman, Sara Smith, Marissa Davitt and TeKeisha Wade. See our work in the link below and join our voices …. We are 10 women from across the world who form the core of, what we hope, will be a global network, determined to make a difference. We invite others to join and engage with our mission! You can read all about all the rest of us on the website at:


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