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Let’s think about this for a minute, what are you at the mercy of?

This pandemic has me thinking in a way I wouldn’t have otherwise.

I heard someone say “I am so glad I am not high maintenance, no fake nails, no eyelashes extensions, no hair color, no botox”

What does that mean exactly?

It means that if you have acrylic or gel nails, they will start to grow out and become bothersome and even painful, not to mention look awful, which is why you go to the nail salon to get them redone or removed.

If you go to the hair salon to change the color of your hair or to cover gray hair, that will require a hair expert to keep maintaining that look, otherwise your hair will grow out and be either a different color or gray, both of which are probably not desirable, right?

I’m not familiar with what happens with eyelash extensions but I can only imagine.....

and finally the lip fillers and other botox type work people have done to their faces which will eventually need to be redone, ….as I have seen what happens when they don’t….. it is a very odd look….it takes maintenance to keep these things up and a reliance on the experts to maintain these standards of living that we choose. And yes, it is a choice to have all of those luxuries.

Therefore, we are “relying on and are at the mercy of” the professionals that we enlisted to manage all of this for us.

So having said all that, it makes you think about your choices and decisions you make. Yes, we chose to change the color of our hair or make our lips plumper, but now that this pandemic has happened, are we second guessing our choices?

Like "what am I going to do if I can’t get these things done anymore?"


Who are YOU relying on?

So now, think about what and who you are at the mercy of in your LIFE, outside of your immediate appearance.

  • Is it a person in your life that has control of the finances?

  • Is it your current job, that controls how much money you can make?

  • Is it your thoughts of negative beliefs that are hijacking your mind?

  • Is it a person in your life that is controlling you and you are at the mercy of their emotional behavior?

So just like a sudden pandemic, which is controlling your past decisions, the same is true for our past life decisions.

As survivors, you all know what I am talking about. You may have been in a relationship where you gave up some of your power and control because it was easier or more convenient and then found yourself at the mercy of the person you gave it up to.

You may have been seduced by that person having money or nice things, things that you never had before or could only dream of, so you stopped trying and became reliant on their money and their success, but you stopped succeeding in your own life.

Then when you find yourself alone (just like with this pandemic) you feel lost because you no longer have control over your future since you left it in the hands of someone else.

Not to mention, not having love in your life or purpose can really add to your pain. Finding healthy relationships, meaningful bonds and a purpose outside of your own needs can bring you so much more joy than money and nice things can ever bring you.

It is not your fault. Learning how to manage your mind and thoughts takes practice.

Sometimes we get sucked into what is easier and less complicated.

We take the easy road and end up losing pieces of our soul along the way.

You never want to be at the mercy of "any one" or "any thing."

Be strong and resilient.

Be in charge of you.

Set boundaries for your life and honor them.

The only person you need to be at the mercy of is YOU

The person you should be relying on is you and your ability to move passed the past and into the future you deserve.

Reach out to me any time to dive deeper.


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