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Hello All, So I was thinking about this and posted a video on my Instagram page about how we start out learning certain things from either our parents or other people in our lives, that create these limiting beliefs. My limiting beliefs were based around my parents and their situation at the time when I was young. They used to say things like “it’s just not in the cards for us” or “we didn’t have money in our family to go to college” or “money goes where money is”…..

These sentences in their minds are what kept them down and in turn, kept me down too.

I believed that we just were not “cut out” to be rich or be successful or be financially free. As I said in my video, my parents would drive around the rich sections of town and look at all the big, beautiful homes. They would go to the “home-a-rama” display which was a touring of newly built homes and view all the new styles and innovation of new builds.

They would also say, as they watched boats and yachts in the water, “look,…our ship has come in” or “look honey, there is our yacht.”

They would go home and then nothing would come of any of that. They were just big dreamers.

I, on the other hand, as a child would be so enamored with those big, beautiful homes and the brand, new builds. It got etched in my soul for some reason and I always dreamed of living in a big, beautiful house on a beautifully manicured street that was lined with trees and flowers.

This story has 2 sides to it. On the one side, my parents didn’t have the means to move past their limiting beliefs. They didn’t have a life coach or a guide of any sort to lead them toward the future they so desired. The belief that “it wasn’t in the cards for them” is what kept them stuck in the life that they were in.

Now, to be clear, we had a perfectly wonderful life and they made many wonderful memories for us growing up, but they always wanted more and could not seem to get there.

The other side of the story is that I took on everything that they were saying and also believed that I could only go so far with my life as well.

But I kept thinking about those houses and boats and life styles that my parents exposed me to. I wanted it so much that I kept it in the foreground of my mind.

This is the part of our lives that we all seem to lose as we move forward. We forget to reach for our dreams. Once you stop evolving from what you “wanted to be”, to “who you are today,” then you have stopped all your progress to reach your goals.

I went many years, unable to find the root cause of my emotional blocks so I remained in the life that I had evolved to. But once I found my coach and then started coaching others, I was able to find the root cause and move past it. I kept those dreams and desires so close that it was easy bust past the limiting beliefs and go get what I wanted.

As I always say, I am your success story….. Dreams Do Come True!


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