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You and Anxiety What is anxiety doing to your life?

Today I want to talk about anxiety. I hear a lot of people tell me that “they suffer from anxiety” or they “have anxiety” or they are just an “anxious person” but in reality, anxiety isn’t really the issue. I can feel you rolling your eyes right now and that’s ok, I felt the same way. Although anxiety is a real disorder and many times needs medication, anxiety stems from a cause. We need to recognize the cause of our anxiety in order to blow it out of the water.

Let’s start with you giving a presentation at work. Just the thought of it makes you feel sick to your stomach, right? You start sweating and your heart starts racing and you haven’t even been given the date yet of the presentation. It is just the thought of doing it that makes you feel anxious. If we find the source, we can address it and eliminate it from the picture. So, your boss wants you to do a presentation on “safety issues in the office” for example, but you are an accountant. You have no idea what would be involved in safety issues. You think to yourself, “shouldn’t that be the HR department’s role?” But you have been given this task and you must present it. What do you think the source of your anxiety is in this situation? It is the lack of knowledge on the subject. That is the culprit, not you or not an anxiety disorder but simply lack of knowledge on the topic given which is causing you to feel anxious.

Now, since you work on cars in your spare time think about how you would you feel if your boss asked you to do a presentation to your co-workers on how to do a tune-up on a car. You would be all in and feeling great about teaching your co-workers about something you are an expert at, right?

This is how we fight anxiety, find the source, realize the cause then label it properly before it labels you.

The solution to the presentation on safely issues is to get educated on safety issues in the workplace, learn it well enough to be able to explain it as well as you can explain how to tune up a car.

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